The Bargello

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The Bargello is to sculptures what the Uffizi Gallery is for paintings: one of Italy’s most important marble, bronze and ceramics collection, a must visit while in Florence.

This fortified 13th century building, a prison and headquarters of the feared «Captain of Justice« is now a place where you find works by great Florentine masters: Donatello, Michelangelo, the Della Robbia workshop, Giambologna, Cellini and many others.

Also here you find a large of collection of ceramics (majolica), fabrics, ivory, silver, armors and old coins in different styles and from different collections.

THE BARGELLO | 2 hours to 4 hours
On this, you will be experiencing a fine and unique collections of sculptures by different artists and coming from different locations in Florence. The courtyard itself a unique place to explore, rich in details and decorated with engravings from centuries ago.

Pick up by your tour guide at your location or meeting in our central office, walk to the Bargello, just few steps from Piazza della Signoria. In-depth explanation of the history and the role of the building and view of the courtyard. Visit to ground collection with focus on one of Michelangelo‘s early works: The Bacchus and Brutus. Visit to first floor collection and encounter with Donatello‘s masterpiece: The David. View and discussion of the Sacrifice of Isaac bronze panels by Ghiberti and Brunelleschi (Baptistery door competition, 1401) Follow up with Della Robbia collection special with focus on their legacy in the ceramics and porcelain production in Florence. End tour with visits to different smaller rooms with various collections of smaller items and metal casting works.

PARTICIPANTS | Up to 8 people. Please inquire about larger groups.
DURATION |2 to 4 hours.
SCHEDULES | Daily, available all hours.
FEES | from 160 Euros flat.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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