Florentine Eat Parade

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Florentine Eat Parade
Discover, taste and enjoy all local specialties: hams and cheese, little snacks and tastings, fresh vegetables and fruits, grandma’s Florentine soups such as the famous Ribollita and Pappa al Pomodoro and why not: the legendary Florentine Steak.

Follow your guide and discover hidden corners of the cities where the locals eat. Mix with them and exchange points of view on everything you want. Follow up with a dining experience at a typical restaurant, where you can choose traditional Tuscan cuisine or contemporary one.

Pair your food with Tuscan wines for a perfect culinary parade: the Florentine Eat Parade.

Meet your tour guide/food expect at your location or our central office and discuss the day ahead. Visit to small typical groceries shops and familiarize your self with local fresh products and specialties. Continue tour with food and wine tasting and on request, follow up with a full meal, paired with local wines, at some of Florence best and typical restaurants and eateries. This is also an art/city tour on which you will learn about Florence under many aspects and hear about eating habits from old times until present time.

Tour highly customizable, just tell us how much you can eat and how much time you got!

Up to 9 people. Please inquire about larger groups.

2 to 5 hours approx including walking tour.

Daily around lunch or dinner time.

Please inquire.

Vegetarians and vegans, no worries, Tuscan cuisine satisfies all tastes![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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