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Pisa is a city with old traditions and a center of culture since the 10th century. The city was one of the first four maritime republics in the Italian peninsula: it became a unique and flourishing trade center and one of the major routes of commerce in the Mediterranean. After a long lasting rivalry with Lucca and later Florence, Pisa came under the influence of the Florentine Republic and later part of the Grand Dukedome established by Cosimo I of Medici.

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Spend the morning or afternoon in Piazza dei Miracoli and the amazing monuments and landmarks: the 11th century Cathedral and the famous Leaning Tower, the Baptistery, the Monumental Cemetery and San Matteo National Museum. End your half day with a walk along the Arno river that runs all the way through Tuscany.

PARTICIPANTS | Up to 12 people. Please inquire for bigger parties.
DURATION | 3 hours.
FEE | From 210 Euros.

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Visit all the monuments and locations listed on the half day walking tour and Piazza dei Cavalieri with the prestigious University of Pisa (established by Napoleon), the enchanting small gothic Church of Santa Maria della Spina home to one of the most important relics of Christianity. End the tour along the Arno River.

PARTICIPANTS | Up to 12 people. Please inquire for bigger parties.
DURATION | 6-7 hours with lunch break.
SCHEDULES | Daily, starts around 9,30 am (inquire for other hours).
FEE | From 360 Euros.

Transfers from Florence to Pisa or Livorno to Pisa available on request.


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